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5 Ways You Can Celebrate PADI AWARE Week

September has rolled around and with it has arrived the 6th annual PADI Aware week, which started yesterday on September 16th and runs through til next Sunday, September 24th.

PADI’s vision for AWARE Week is to encourage divers and dive clubs across the world to participate in activities and courses that have a conservation focus – so that local community action can lead to global change for the future of this blue planet.

So how can you be a part of this worldwide movement to be a voice for clean oceans? Read on and see how easy it can be!

1) Take part in a PADI Dive Against Debris clean up and survey

Take part in a lagoon and beach clean and make new friends!

This is one of our favourite ways to do our bit for the ocean! By using the new PADI AWARE app, you can conduct a clean-up of your local dive site and then segregate and record the trash you collected. We’ll be conducting one here in Fulidhoo throughout the week, so if you’re on the island, do join in!


2) And then get certified as a PADI Dive Againgst Debris diver

Learn how to segregate and collect data on marine debris

When you participate in a PADI AWARE clean-up, you then have the option to complete the PADI Dive Against Debris specialty. PADI has recently revised its course materials for this specialty and released new e-learning – so there’s never been a better time to do it (and remember it counts towards your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating!)


3) Or maybe opt for the PADI AWARE speciality

Learn about conservation with the PADI AWARE specialty

This PADI specialty has also been revamped recently, and since it’s a non-diving course, it’s a great choice for those who can’t get to the water this week – you can do the course online, or with your local dive centre (you could even do it on your non-diving day if you’re on holiday here in Fulidhoo this week!)


4) Make a donation to help sharks and rays

diving with sharks maldives

Help us protect these beautiful creatures!

If you can’t get to your local dive centre this week, you could always get involved by simply making a donation. PADI have made a goal to reduce the number of shark and ray species that are under the threat of extinction by 25% by 2030. Next year they’ll be launching the Global Shark & Ray Census to help collect data that will inform this effort. By donating, you’ll be helping them reach a target of 50,000USD.


5) Take the Save the Ocean pledge and become a PADI Ocean Torchbearer

Let’s raise our voices to save the oceans!

PADI has a vision to create a billion-strong community of ocean stewards – those looking to advocate for the ocean and its inhabitants. Find out more at https://www.padi.com/conservation/torchbearer


How will you be participating in PADI AWARE week? Let us know in the comments!

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